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Oh Sleeper - Children of Fire 2011 English Christian Songs

Posted by Shalem Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oh Sleeper - Children of Fire 2011 English Christian AlbumOh Sleeper - Children of Fire 2011 English Christian Songs
Children of Fire is the third christian metalcore album released by American Christian metalcore band Oh Sleeper. This album was released on September 27, 2011 and released under the label Solid State Records.

Album Details ::

Album :: Children of Fire

Artist :: Oh Sleeper

Release Date :: September 27, 2011

Genre :: Metalcore

Label ::
Solid State Records

Location :: Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Oh Sleeper - Children of Fire 2011 biography and historyOh Sleeper - Children of Fire 2011 biography and history
History ::
The concept of the album mainly focuses on the aftermath of the battle between God and Satan. Its beginning picks up from the very last part of "The Finisher," the last track on their previous album Son of the Morning, where took place the final battle between God and Satan in which ends in God severing the horns of satan and now as the starting of the aftermath in this album, Satans horns have fallen to the ground, causing both God and Satan to vanish. Now all of humanity is left wondering what happened, and so the first half of the album is everyone coming to the general consensus that God and Satan are both dead; that they have killed each other in battle, so now there in no fear of Hell, nor awarding of Heaven.

The album also follows two characters, one being an overzealous religious type who feels betrayed that he had devoted his life to God and that God has abandoned him and everything and it drives his faith to unfurl and it reveals that he had a shallow understanding of God. The other character is his daughter, who was a profound atheist, but became proven wrong after being a witness of the battle between God and Satan. This delays her questioning Christians and why they read God and Satan in different, less violent ways than she has just seen them. Towards the end of the album, she finds a group of believers who give her all the answers to her questions. The album then ends with the destruction of the world that is somehow due to everything that has happened..........

Tracklisting ::

01. Endseekers
02. Shed Your Soul
03. The Marriage of Steel and Skin
04. Hush Yael
05. The Conscience Speaks
06. Dealers of Fame
07. Means To Believe
08. In The Wake of Pigs
09. Claws of a God
10. The Family Ruin
11. Chewing the Stitch
12. Children of Fire


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