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We The Gathered - Believer 2011 English Christian Hard Rock Songs

Posted by Shalem Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We The Gathered - Believer 2011 English Christian Hard Rock AlbumWe The Gathered - Believer 2011 English Christian Hard Rock Songs
Believer is the latest American Christian Hardcore album released by American Christian hardcore metal band We The Gathered. This album was released on October 25, 2011 and released under the label Strike first/ Facedown Records.

Album Details ::

Album :: Believer

Artist :: We The Gathered

Release Date :: October 25, 2011

Genre :: Hardcore, metalcore

Label ::
Strike first / Facedown Records

Location :: Johnstown, PA, USA

We The Gathered - Believer 2011 biography and historyWe The Gathered - Believer 2011 biography and history
History ::
The band We The Gathered are a very new Melodic Hardcore band formed from Thoughts of Tomorrow, Death To Eternity, Into The Eyes of Beauty, and Crazy Beautiful. Expect 5 nice dudes, and an unforgettable live show.........

Tracklisting ::

1. Believer 3:08
2. Savior 4:23
3. Idolizer 4:35
4. Seeker 3:15
5. Tragedy 1:34
6. Surrounded 4:07
7. Antihero 3:32
8. Undefined 3:53
9. Vision 3:06
10. Era Revive 6:01


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