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Azaadi - Sounds of the Nations Hindi Christian album download

Azaadi is the Latest Christian Rock album released by the Indian Best Christian Rock Band SOUNDS OF THE NATIONS. This album comprises of 9 songs which are sung different sytles when compared to one another. So Guys, listen the songs and be blessed.

Drakshavalli Telugu Christian Album Download

Tracklisting :: Neeve Prabhu Drakshavalli Neevu Krupa Mahonnathamu Ne Neevadanai Santosha Gaanamutho Sarvonnathudu Mahonnathamu(Track)

Hillsong Live - God Is Able 2011 English Christian Album Download

God is Able is the twentieth album in the live praise and worship series of Christian Contemporary music by Hillsong Church. It was recorded at the Sydney Entertainment Centre in Australia by Reuben Morgan, Darlene Zschech and the Hillsong Worship Team on the 7th of November 2010.

Chirakala Snehituda Telugu Christian Songs

Chirakala Sneham Telugu christian Mp3 Audio Songs 128Kbps , 320Kbps , Rm , AAC Original Cd Rips VBR OST Direct Links Free Rapidshare , Mediafire Download With Cd Covers & Poster Chirakala Sneham Tracklisting : 1. Yese Goppadevudu 2. Chirakala Snehituda 3. O Lord We Praise You 4. Enthamanchi Kapari 5. Prabhuva Ni Karyamulu 6. Visvasi O Visvasi 7. Ninunenu Vedakedanu 8. Prema Mayuda

TobyMac - Christmas in Diverse City 2011 English Christian Album

Christmas in Diverse City is the latest Christian Christmas Songs collection album released by American Christian recording artist, music producer, rapper, singer-songwriter, and author Kevin Michael McKeehan better known as TobyMac.This album was released on October 04, 2011 and released under the label Fore Front Records.

Switchfoot - Vice Verses 2011 English Christian Songs

Posted by Shalem Friday, September 30, 2011

Switchfoot - Vice Verses 2011 English Christian AlbumSwitchfoot - Vice Verses 2011 English Christian Album
Vice Verses is the eighth studio rock album released by American Christian Alternative Rock band Switchfoot. This album was released on September 27, 2011 and released under the label Lower Case people Records/Atlantic.

Album Details ::

Album :: Vice Versus

Artist :: Switchfoot

Release Date :: September 27, 2011

Genre :: Rock

Label ::
Lowercase people Records/Atlantic

Location :: San Diego, California, USA

Switchfoot - Vice Verses 2011 biography and historySwitchfoot - Vice Verses 2011 biography and history
History ::
Switchfoot is an American rock band from San Diego, California. The band's members are Jon Foreman (lead vocals, guitar), Tim Foreman (bass guitar, backing vocals), Chad Butler (drums, percussion), Jerome Fontamillas (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals), and Drew Shirley (guitar, backing vocals).

After early successes in the Christian rock scene, Switchfoot first gained mainstream recognition with the inclusion of four of their songs in the 2002 movie A Walk to Remember. This recognition led to their major label debut, The Beautiful Letdown, which was released in 2003. It went on to sell over 2.6 million copies. They have since been noted for their energetic live shows, and their seventh studio album Hello Hurricane received a Grammy award in 2011 for Best Rock Gospel Album.

According to Jon Foreman, the name "Switchfoot" is a surfing term. "We all love to surf and have been surfing all our lives so to us, the name made sense. To switch your feet means to take a new stance facing the opposite direction. It's about change and movement, a different way of approaching life and music.

Switchfoot - Vice Verses 2011 English Christian Album discography tracks lyrics band membersSwitchfoot - Vice Verses 2011 English Christian Album discography tracks lyrics band members
Switchfoot was founded in 1996 as Chin Up, consisting of Jon Foreman and his brother Tim, along with Chad Butler on drums. After playing only a few shows, the band was contacted by music industry veteran Charlie Peacock and eventually signed to his indie label Re:think Records under the current moniker, Switchfoot. Re:think went on to distribute the first three Switchfoot albums, The Legend of Chin, New Way to Be Human, and Learning to Breathe. Because Re:think was bought out by Christian giant Sparrow Records before Switchfoot's first release, however, the band's and Peacock's intentions of being marketed outside of the Contemporary Christian music scene and reaching a wider audience were put on hold. Consequently, the band was mostly marketed exclusively to Christian radio and retail outlets early in their careers, a time Jon Foreman has described as when "half of who we were was lost."

Of Switchfoot's first three albums, Learning to Breathe was the most successful, being certified gold by the RIAA, and receiving a Grammy nomination for Best Rock Gospel Album.

Later on in 2002, Switchfoot's music was featured prominently in the movie A Walk to Remember, starring singer and actress Mandy Moore, who sang Switchfoot's song "Only Hope" during a scene in the movie. In addition to Moore's cover of "Only Hope", Switchfoot’s songs “You”, “Learning to Breathe”, and “Dare You to Move” were showcased in the film, as well as their own original version of "Only Hope" towards the end of the film.

Switchfoot has finished working on their next studio project, titled Vice Verses. According to Butler, the core of the record will rest thematically in the idea of the polarity of life. A release date of September 27, 2011 was announced on All Access, with "Dark Horses" hitting modern rock radio on July 20........

Tracklisting ::

01. Afterlife
02. The Original
03. The War Inside
04. Restless
05. Blinding Light
06. Selling The News
07. Thrive
08. Dark Horses
09. Souvenirs
10. Rise Above It
11. Vice Verses
12. Where I Belong


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For King & Country - For King & Country The EP 2011 English Christian AlbumFor King & Country - For King & Country The EP 2011 English Christian Album
For King & Country EP is the latest American Christian Pop Rock album released by Australian born, American Christian Pop Rock Band For King & Country. This album was released on September 20, 2011 and released under the label Squint/Warner Music Group.

Album Details ::

Album :: For King & Country EP

Artist :: For King & Country

Release Date :: September 20, 2011

Genre :: Pop/Rock

Label ::
Squint/Warner Music Group

Location :: Sydney, AU/Nashville, TN

For King & Country - For King & Country The EP 2011 biography and historyFor King & Country - For King & Country The EP 2011 biography and history
History ::
We were born and raised in the southern hemisphere, the land down-under... Australia. And in case you can't tell, we are brothers.

Since before we can remember, music has been our life's natural backdrop and soundtrack. Our Father was a music promoter turned entertainment manager which gave us a first hand introduction to a very eclectic mix of music and live shows.

In the early 90's we moved to... the USA after our Dad was offered a job in Nashville, Tennessee. Since then, we have traveled the world (together as well as separately) singing, performing and running various aspects of artists' live shows.

It was out of experiences like these we began working on music together. We have spent the last several years writing and developing what we call our, 'International-Pop-Rock' sound.

Music has the peculiar ability to connect with the soul, and we want to use it to encourage... Life is a journey; full of highs and lows; triumphs and sorrows; these are the subjects we write about: Real human experiences. Whether that means sharing about honest struggles, asking unanswered questions, or talking about relationships, our hope is this music will inspire you and each song will relate to you, right where you are.........

Tracklisting ::

01. Light It Up
02. Busted Heart (Hold On To Me)
03. Fine Fine Life
04. People Change
05. Love's To Blame


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Matt Maher - The Love In Between 2011 English Christian AlbumMatt Maher - The Love In Between 2011 English Christian Album
The Love in Between is the latest American Christian Pop Rock album released by Canadian born famous American Worship Singer Matt Maher. This album was released on September 20, 2011 and released under the label Sony/Provident/Essential Records.

Album Details ::

Album :: The Love in Between

Artist :: Matt Maher

Release Date :: September 20, 2011

Genre :: Pop/Rock

Label ::
Sony/Provident/Essential Records

Location :: Tempe, Arizona, USA

Matt Maher - The Love In Between 2011 Biography and HistoryMatt Maher - The Love In Between 2011 Biography and History
History ::
Great music hinges on compelling writing, honest delivery, a refined, unique musical identity. Great leadership hinges on openness, compassion, devotion. Singer-songwriter and worship leader Matt Maher has built his career – his life – on striving to embody those ideals.

Matt Maher the songwriter cemented his respected reputation penning songs with Chris Tomlin, Michael W. Smith, Matt Redman, Passion (“Here For You”), Audrey Assad and Jars of Clay.

The heart of Matt Maher the worship leader has shown through clearly over years spent teaching, sharing and praying all over the world, including appearances at the Papal Rally in NYC, World Youth Day in Sydney, Australia, and extensive touring over the past 5 years, with the likes of Michael W. Smith, Leeland, Phil Wickham, Jars of Clay, Third Day, Tenth Avenue North and Mercy Me, bringing him in front of more than three million people.

With the September 20 release of The Love in Between, Matt Maher the artist -- fully defined, fully formed -- steps fully into the foreground.

His third national release on Essential Records shows Maher finding his voice both sonically and lyrically, the rootsy pop aesthetic he introduced on 2010 hit “Hold Us Together” (from 2009’s Alive Again) flowing into a 12-song study of suffering, grace, redemption and hope.

Those ideas coalesce particularly in “Heaven and Earth,” The Love in Between track that inspired the album’s title.

The song contemplates “the distance between us and our humanity and God and his divinity,” Maher says. “There is only one thing that bridges that gap and essentially annihilates it, and that is Jesus. He is the love in between sin and freedom, death and life and hopelessness and hope.”

Maher’s focus grows out of that idea, centering less on distance and more on the bridging of it. The leadoff single “Turn Around,” which debuted at No. 28 on the NAC chart a week ahead of its add date, explores the ways in which Jesus embodied that broad embrace, anchored by the refrain, “If you’re lost and need to be found/ If you’re looking for a savior/ All you gotta do is turn around.”

“If you look back over history, specifically around the time Jesus was physically here in the flesh, humanity has struggled with pride, resulting in a subculture that, while having the best of intentions, ends up marginalizing the people who are most in need of God,” Maher says. “However, Jesus came offering a message of repentance for all who would be willing to receive it. Those on the outside and on the inside of the Church.”

The six-time GMA Dove Award nominee also recognizes that he’s a living example of the value in shedding boundaries, be they perceived or physical. Raised Catholic in Newfoundland, Canada, he was inspired to pen “Woke Up In America,” a personal and patriotic anthem on The Love in Between.

Maher shares, “The song is really about the story of the individual as an allegory for the story of a nation and its struggle to find freedom and identity.”

The Love in Between’s release comes during a time of many big new developments for Maher. The new husband and his wife Kristin welcomed their first son, Conor, in early August; in early September, he’ll launch the first in a series of headlining tours hosted by his newly formed organization Comm+Unity, which will support multiple local, national and international non-profit efforts.

Matt Maher - The Love In Between 2011 canadian born matt album covers and complete detailsMatt Maher - The Love In Between 2011 canadian born matt album covers and complete details
Maher headlines the first jaunt, which kicks off in Texas and runs through to the West Coast (including a Gilbert, Ariz., album release show on September 20), with support from one sonic society (Jason Ingram, Stu G., Paul Mabury) and Integrity artist All Sons & Daughters (David Leonard, Leslie Jordan).

Throughout October, he’ll headline the newly launched, month-long, “Compassion International Presents: The Love In Between Tour,” a partnership with Compassion International and Christian radio featuring Laura Story and Essential Records newcomer Andy Cherry. To close out the year, Maher will join Mercy Me on the “Rock & Worship Road Show” before spending the Christmas and New Years holidays with his family in Arizona.

Not any of this has happened overnight. It’s taken four years of non-stop touring and several more focused on writing and recording, to yield four Top 200 CCLI songs over six years and more than 275,000 in sales of his independent and Essential Records titles to reach the clarity Maher has funneled into The Love in Between.

Mike Snider of Paradigm Talent Agency figures that’s built Maher not just into a marquee name, but one with staying power. He notes, “In addition to his sales and songwriting placements, Matt has stepped to the plate as a hard-ticket-selling, headlining artist, who is going to help shape and re-define touring as we know it.”

Matt Kees, Director of the Christian Musician Summit, concurs. “Matt Maher is a great fit for us at the Christian Musician Summit – he has the ability to reach people on a variety of levels at our conferences and we’re excited to see how he’s made the steady climb into an impactful and enduring artist who people want to see. Not only is Matt a well-trained and accomplished keyboardist and guitarist, he is a top-notch songwriter, and a well respected lead worshiper with years and years of ministry experience. Matt can teach, perform and relate to Christian musicians and fans.”

Maher, always ready to share the music and the Gospel offers, “At the end of the day, I’m just thankful to be in a place where I get to share the music I was inspired to write. It’s been a great road and I’m looking forward to sharing the songs from The Love In Between with friends and fans everywhere.......

Tracklisting ::

01. Rise Up
02. Turn Around
03. Heaven Help Me
04. Every Little Prison
05. Woke Up In America
06. Heaven and Earth
07. Write Your Love On My Heart
08. On My Way
09. New State of Mind
10. My Only Love
11. Everything and Nothing
12. The Spirit and the Bride


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Cory Lamb - Break The Cycle 2011 English Christian Songs

Posted by Shalem Monday, September 19, 2011

Cory Lamb - Break The Cycle 2011 English Christian AlbumCory Lamb - Break The Cycle 2011 English Christian Album
Break The Cycle is the latest Christian American Pop Rock Album released by American Christian 25 year old Rock singer Cory Lamb. This album was released on September 13, 2011 and released under the label Black Sheep Records.

Album Details ::

Album :: Break The Cycle

Artist :: Cory Lamb

Release Date :: September 13, 2011

Genre :: Pop, Rock

Label ::
Black Sheep Rcords

Location :: AR, USA

Cory Lamb - Break The Cycle 2011 Biography and historyCory Lamb - Break The Cycle 2011 Biography and history
Intoxicating lyrics with a powerful beat is what you think of when you hear Cory Lamb’s music. The music is contemporary rock with a production sophistication rarely found from today’s emerging artists.

Cory is not only a lead singer but a songwriter. Cory’s music is personal and relatable, telling life stories that brings back memories for virtually anyone who listens: there is a reason for that – many of the songs are about his own life, for that matter everyone’s life. “Tell Me That It’s Over” which Cory co-wrote talks about a relationship he was in but wasn’t sure where he stood with his girlfriend, and “Kate” another song he co-wrote, is a song about the perfect girl.

Growing up in a tight knit family in Arkansas helped form the basis for his music and sound. Cory can’t remember when he wasn’t singing and has always known that he wanted to be a musician. Like most musicians and singers, Cory performed for his family in their home until he joined a band at age 16. He was the lead singer of a band named “About Last Night,” and co-writer for some of their songs.

After high school graduation, Cory moved to LA to work with John Guess, a music engineer with years of experience and Grammys under his belt for his work with the Dixie Chicks. John has also worked with Rod Stewart, Donna Summer, Reba McEntire and many others. Cory applied for a studio internship with John, but instead of an internship, Guess sign on to produce Cory’s album. Cory was on the fast track to his dream.

After his first album, of which many songs were written without his input, he decided to put a band together thus beginning the development of his own sound. Cory’s Musical Director and Guitarist Alex Knoll and Co-Guitarist Tak Tanaka created the foot for the band that would later include Devin Lebsack (Drums) and Dylan Wilson (Bass). After meeting Andy Duncan, Cory knew Andy should produce the album and the production team was established. The songs are as complex as they are amazingly entertaining. The chemistry between Cory and the band is remarkable, both on-stage and in the music. Two years of working in LA and fine-tuning his music, playing local clubs in Southern California and opening for Ryan Cabrera, Cory has decided to base his music in Arkansas. Cory explains that some of his best songs were written based on his experiences in Arkansas and he wants to stay connected to the community. After being on the road for so long it feels good to “come home.”

Cory’s musical style has been established and his musical team is in place. In combination with Alex Knoll and Devin Lebsack, the band delivers a high impact sound and incredible energy required by Cory for his stage performance. Cory’s work ethic is evident in all aspects of his music and he works to perform his best show every time he steps on stage.......

Tracklisting ::

01. Break the Cycle
02. It's A Good Day
03. Drowning
04. Storm
05. Something More
06. Circle
07. Praying For Gravity
08. Light
09. Tell Me That It's Over
10. Superman


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Shaun Groves - Third World Symphony 2011 English Christian AlbumShaun Groves - Third World Symphony 2011 English Christian Album
Third World Symphony is the latest American Adult Contemporary Christian album released by American Christian Adult Contemporary artist, singer, song writer, Shaun Groves. This album was released on August 30, 2011 and released under the label third world symphony.

Album Details ::

Album :: Third World Symphony

Artist :: Shaun Groves

Release Date :: August 30, 2011

Genre :: Adult Contemporary

Label ::
Third World Symphony

Location :: Nashville, TN

Shaun Groves - Third World Symphony 2011 Biography and historyShaun Groves - Third World Symphony 2011 Biography and history
History ::
Shaun Groves is a communicator who’s known by a lot of titles: Singer/songwriter. Speaker. Blogger. Husband. Daddy. Friend. He feels and thinks deeply and laughs easily. And he’s helping Christians discover what they were saved for, and being a voice for children around the world, desperate to be saved from poverty.

Shaun’s own salvation story began at the age of six with a dash down the aisle an altar call given by a fiery revival meeting preacher. Shaun’s decision that day was fueled by fear; he knew he needed to be saved from eternal separation from God. But that knowledge alone didn’t bring Shaun peace.

At age 12 Shaun found the peace he was missing when he learned that God actually loved him. That basic truth turned Shaun’s world Technicolor. And living in that light, Shaun developed a love for music that propelled the weakest member of the school band all the way to the first chair, and on to a full music scholarship at Baylor University.

The life plan Shaun created at Baylor made sense: marry his sweetheart Becky, become a church minister and write Christian songs on the side. But an internship with a Nashville music publisher led to a job, and that led to interest around town in his singing and songwriting. Shaun signed a recording contract at the end of 2000, just a week before the birth of the couple’s first child.

“One CD,” he thought, and then he’d get back to his original plan. But Shaun was surprised by success. His 2001 debut “Invitation to Eavesdrop” scored five songs on the charts and a half dozen Dove Award nominations, including New Artist and Song of the Year for “Welcome Home.” He was soon touring coast to coast and around the world with Bebo Norman, Jars of Clay and Michael W. Smith. “New plan,” he thought.

That success led to a second CD in 2003—the introspective “Twilight.” By the 2005 release of his third CD “White Flag,” based on his study and teaching of the Beatitudes, Shaun was questioning what his calling really was. He knew he was made for more than just entertaining audiences, and he was getting uneasy about his family’s comfortable lifestyle.

Shaun Groves - Third World Symphony 2011 English Christian AlbumShaun Groves - Third World Symphony 2011 English Christian Album
During this time, Shaun traveled with the Christian child development organization Compassion International to El Salvador. Shaun had been a fan of their work and wanted to see it up close. And he wanted to meet Yanci, the little girl his family sponsored.

The reality of life in El Salvador changed his own: Large families wedged themselves into one-room, corrugated metal shacks. Children competed with dogs to pick through trash heaps for food. But life for Yanci, because of Compassion International, was completely different. She went to school, had plenty of food and what she learned about God in the context of her own language and culture gave her hope for the future.

Shaun came home from El Salvador with a greater passion and renewed sense of purpose. He invested himself entirely in spreading a new message: salvation is not just about being “saved from” something, as he’d learned as a child. It is about being “saved for” something.

And with a sleeping Yanci in his arms, Shaun had come to realize that he was saved for doing what he could to release children worldwide from poverty, and release Christians at home from purposelessness.

After El Salvador, Shaun and his family began to live more simply, so they could afford to help others simply live. Shaun continued to speak and sing, but at no charge to the public or promoters, and only if he could do so on behalf of Compassion International.

Now, when he lovingly talks about his kids, Shaun could just as easily be referring to his young son and daughters as he could the million-plus children sponsored through Compassion. More than 8,000 of them have received the spiritual and physical help they need as a result of his shows, speaking engagements and trips he leads to developing countries with fellow bloggers to show them Compassion’s work in action.

Shaun jokes with audiences about his “gift of sarcasm” and often turns the “gift” inward. When he calls himself a “soft rock star,” it’s to mock himself, and to make you laugh. And anytime you’re with Shaun, or follow his adventures on Facebook or Twitter, in his magazine articles or on his blog, you’re going to laugh a lot. And you’re going to think. The quick wit that keeps him bantering with an audience from the stage is the same wit that drives him to stare down the easy answers and to ask the hard questions.

Compelled since childhood to put his thoughts and feelings into writing, what’s on Shaun’s mind eventually ends up on the blog. One day it could be about the wonders and worries of parenting; another—sidesplitting videos and updates from the road. There are stories of Compassion; musings about church tradition; tips for aspiring musicians and writers; and sweet reminiscences of times spent on a lawn chair in the front yard, surrounded by and sharing laughs with the friends and family who know him best. And sometimes—wrenching honesty and life-giving hope as Shaun recounts his struggles and what he’s learned from them......

Shaun Groves - Third World Symphony 2011 tracks and lyricsShaun Groves - Third World Symphony 2011 tracks and lyrics
Tracklisting ::

01. All Is Grace
02. Come By Here
03. Kingdom Coming
04. Sing
05. Awake My Soul
06. I’ve Got You
07. Enough
08. No Better
09. Down Here
10. Just As I Am


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