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Azaadi - Sounds of the Nations Hindi Christian album download

Azaadi is the Latest Christian Rock album released by the Indian Best Christian Rock Band SOUNDS OF THE NATIONS. This album comprises of 9 songs which are sung different sytles when compared to one another. So Guys, listen the songs and be blessed.

Drakshavalli Telugu Christian Album Download

Tracklisting :: Neeve Prabhu Drakshavalli Neevu Krupa Mahonnathamu Ne Neevadanai Santosha Gaanamutho Sarvonnathudu Mahonnathamu(Track)

Hillsong Live - God Is Able 2011 English Christian Album Download

God is Able is the twentieth album in the live praise and worship series of Christian Contemporary music by Hillsong Church. It was recorded at the Sydney Entertainment Centre in Australia by Reuben Morgan, Darlene Zschech and the Hillsong Worship Team on the 7th of November 2010.

Chirakala Snehituda Telugu Christian Songs

Chirakala Sneham Telugu christian Mp3 Audio Songs 128Kbps , 320Kbps , Rm , AAC Original Cd Rips VBR OST Direct Links Free Rapidshare , Mediafire Download With Cd Covers & Poster Chirakala Sneham Tracklisting : 1. Yese Goppadevudu 2. Chirakala Snehituda 3. O Lord We Praise You 4. Enthamanchi Kapari 5. Prabhuva Ni Karyamulu 6. Visvasi O Visvasi 7. Ninunenu Vedakedanu 8. Prema Mayuda

TobyMac - Christmas in Diverse City 2011 English Christian Album

Christmas in Diverse City is the latest Christian Christmas Songs collection album released by American Christian recording artist, music producer, rapper, singer-songwriter, and author Kevin Michael McKeehan better known as TobyMac.This album was released on October 04, 2011 and released under the label Fore Front Records.

Kutless - Believer 2012 English Christian Rock Songs Download

Posted by Shalem Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kutless - Believer 2012 English Christian Rock AlbumKutless - Believer 2012 English Christian Rock Songs Download

Believer is the latest american christian Pop/Rock album released by Oregon Rock band Kutless. This album was released on February 28, 2012 and released under the label BEC Recordings.

Album Details ::

Album :: Believer

Artist :: Kutless

Release Date :: February 28, 2012

Genre :: Pop, Rock

Label :: BEC Records

Location :: Portland, Oregon, USA

Kutless - Believer 2012 biography and history from the official websiteKutless - Believer 2012 biography and history from the official website
Kutless is a Christian rock band from Portland, Oregon formed in 1999. Since their formation, they have released six studio albums including their latest, Believer. The band has also released a live album, Live from Portland. Currently, they have sold almost 2 million records.

Formed in Portland, Oregon as a Campus Worship band named Call Box. They performed during the 1999-2000 school year at Warner Pacific. Their first guitarist, Andrew Morrison, decided to leave the band shortly before they signed with BEC records. James Mead replaced Andrew at lead guitar. The Band changed their name to "Kutless" in October 2001 before releasing their first three track EP followed up by their full-length album in 2002 on BEC Recordings. Kutless chose their name because of a specific Bible verse. Romans 6:23 says, "For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord" (NRSV). Because of this, the band says, "He took our cuts for us... leaving us 'Kutless'. Their first single was called "Your Touch." Their second single from their debut album, "Run," would go on to hold the record for the longest charting song in the history of the R&R Top 40 charts.

Kutless got their big debut between February and April 2003 when they opened up for Audio Adrenaline and MercyMe, two famous Christian bands at that time.In 2004, after releasing and selling over 250,000 copies of their second full-length album, Sea of Faces, Kutless would go on their first headlining tour, X 2004. That same year, Kutless was slated to perform at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Greece, but could not make it due to the airline canceling their flight. In 2005, Kutless played a Katrina Benefit Relief Concert in their hometown of Portland Oregon. They also released their first worship album, "Strong Tower." After recording but before release of "Strong Tower," bassist Kyle Zeigler and drummer Kyle Mitchell left the band to form VERBATIM Records, a nationally distributed record label based in the Portland, Oregon area. They were replaced with bassist Dave Luetkenhoelter and drummer Jeffrey Gilbert, who both came from the recently broken-up Christian rock band Seven Places. Kutless also went on the Strong Tower tour that year. Later in 2005, Kutless began recording their fourth full-length album. The album, "Hearts of the Innocent," was released on March 21, 2006. The band followed up with a tour, also featuring Stellar Kart, Disciple, and Falling Up.........

Tracklisting ::

01. If It Ends Today
02. Carry On
03. All Yours
04. Even If
05. Hero
06. Identity
07. Need
08. Come Back Home
09. This Is Love
10. Gravity
11. I'm With You
12. Believer
13. Carry Me To The Cross


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The Mighty Macs 2012 English Christian Movie DVD download

Posted by Shalem Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Mighty Macs 2012 English Christian Movie DVD ReleaseThe Mighty Macs 2012 English Christian Movie DVD download for free

The Mighty Macs is one of the best Christian Drama Movie released by Sony Pictures On October 17, 2009 (Heartland), October 21, 2011(USA). Carla Gugino takes the lead role of Cathy Rush, a Hall of Fame Women's Basketball Coach. This Inspiring True Story Directed by Tim Chambers presented by Sony Pictures group released its latest DVD version on February 21, 2012.

Album Details ::

Movie :: The Mighty Macs DVD

Artist :: Carla Gugino, David Boreanaz, Ellen Burstyn etc..

Release Date :: February 21, 2012

Genre :: Drama

Director :: Tim Chambers

Producer :: Tim Chambers

Music :: William Ross

Distribution :: Free Style Releasing(Theatrical), Sony Pictures Entertainment (DVD)

Budget :: $7million

Box Office :: $1,890,437

The Mighty Macs 2012 English Christian Movie DVD HQ screenshotsThe Mighty Macs 2012 English Christian Movie DVD HQ screenshots
Storyline ::
It's 1971. Cathy Rush is a woman ahead of her time, and she's about to embark on an adventure for the ages. A new era is dawning in the country and in collegiate athletics, where a national champion will be crowned for the first time in women's basketball. In the lead up to this historical season, major universities are preparing their game plans to win that first title. Meanwhile a tiny all-women's Catholic college in Philadelphia has a more modest goal: find a coach before the season begins. Providentially, Cathy Rush is about to find Immaculata College. Recently married, Cathy is dealing with the aftermath of a truncated playing career. While cultural norms would have her staying at home, she's willing to do the hard work necessary to help her new team reach their goals-or perhaps she's just trying to achieve her unfulfilled dreams through them. From the beginning.....

Casting ::

Carla Gugino .......... Cathy Rush
David Boreanaz ...... Ed Rush
Marley Shelton ...... Sister Sunday
Ellen Burstyn ......... Mother St. John
Lauren Bittner ....... Mary Margaret O'Malley
Margaret Anne Florence ... Rosemary Keenan
Jennifer Butler ........ Nun (as Jennifer Wiener)
Phyllis Somerville ... Sister Sister
Jesse Draper ........... Mrs. Ballard
Christopher Mann .. Julius Moore
Ward Horton ........... Frankie Sharkey
Kate Nowlin ............. Colleen McCann
Malachy McCourt ... Monsignor
Katie Hayek ............. Trish Sharkey
Kim Blair .................. Lizanne Caufield



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Json - Growing Pains 2012 English Christian Rap AlbumJson - Growing Pains 2012 English Christian Rap Songs Download

Growing Pains is the latest American Christian Rap album released by American Christian Rap singer, Song writer, Json. This album was released on February 21, 2012 and released under the label Lamp Mode Recordings.

Album Details ::

Album :: Growing Pains

Artist :: Json

Release Date :: February 21, 2012

Genre :: Rap

Label :: Lamp Mode Recordings

Hometown :: St. Louis, MO, USA

Json - Growing Pains 2012 Biography and HistoryJson - Growing Pains 2012 Biography and History
Biography ::
Jason Json’ Watson was born and raised on the northside of St. Louis, MO. One of the most impacting events in his young life was the loss of his father which left his mother to raise him alone. Though Json’s mother loved him deeply her addiction to drugs affected their relationship and led Json to look for guidance in the streets. Throughout his adolescence and teenage years Json was exposed to the drugs and violence that are so common to many urban areas. He also indulged in and abused a lot of these drugs including, heroin, marijuana, and alcohol. At 15 Jason experienced the loss of his best friend Gaylon, and the pain of this event sent his life into a downward spiral. By the age of 16 Jason had been kicked out of school, served jail time, and become a member of a local gang. Being fully immersed in this lifestyle he couldn’t imagine life no other way. At 18 Jason caught a drug case that left him incarcerated for several months and this is when God began to deal with his heart.

Once Jason was released he did not immediately relinquish his old activities, but he understood that God was real and knew there was more in life than what he had been used to. Jason continued to experience everything that comes with a life that isn’t completely surrendered to Christ. At 19 he met LaWanda Childress. Through this relationship Jason would hear God’s call and then answer it. Neither Jason nor LaWanda knew at the time that this was God’s providence because later they would both surrender their lives to Christ and join in Holy Matrimony.

Json has been saved for 5 years now. He now uses his many talents and gifts to exhaust himself in the things of God. Along with being a husband, father, minister, & teacher Json is also a Gospel Rapper. In being a gospel rapper Json uses the art form of rap set to a beat to relay the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This gift of rap has been a lifelong passion of Jason’s. And just as he put all of himself in everything he did in the world Json does that now also. And whether that’s teaching, preaching, evangelizing or rapping it’s all done to the Glory of God.

Json - Growing Pains 2012 Tracklisting and LyricsJson - Growing Pains 2012 Tracklisting and Lyrics
Tracklisting ::

01. Growing Pains Intro
02. Making Me Over feat. AD3 & Tedashii
03. 2 Human feat. Lecrae
04. GP (Interlude1)
05. Held It Down feat. Butta-P & Ron Kenoly Jr.
06. It’s Alright feat. Mikes Chair
07. I The Beast
08. Brand New feat. God’s Servant & Steve-T
09. GP (Interlude2)
10. My Joy feat. Jai
11. Behind The Clouds feat. Christ Lee
12. We Not Folding feat. Trubble & Blacknight
13. Statistics (Interlude)
14. Secrets feat. J.R.
15. Credits Roll feat. Benjah
16. GP (Interlude3)
17. Goodbye


Website | Lyrics


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The Skies Revolt - Some Kind of Cosmonaut 2012 English Christian AlbumThe Skies Revolt - Some Kind of Cosmonaut 2012 English Christian Songs Download

Some Kind of Cosmonaut is the latest American Christian Electronic Rock album released by American Christian Rock Band The Skies Revolt. This album was released on February 21, 2012 and released under the label The Skies Revolt.

Album Details ::

Album :: Some Kind of Cosmonaut

Artist :: The Skies Revolt

Release Date :: February 21, 2012

Genre :: Electronic, Rock

Label :: The Skies Revolt

Hometown :: Grand Rapids, MI, USA

The Skies Revolt - Some Kind of Cosmonaut 2012 Biography and historyThe Skies Revolt - Some Kind of Cosmonaut 2012 Biography and history
Biography ::
The (well traveled) Skies Revolt brings a quirky blend of indie music, catchy electronics and aggressive blasts of sounds that has earned them a strong, growing following, and many positive reviews. Always remaining recognizable as The Skies Revolt, but never resting on one specific sound, makes for dynamic and energetic shows.

They are currently releasing a full length album titled "Some Kind of Cosmonaut" with the music video for their first single "It's All In The Reflexes" being pushed internationally by HIP Video (Bon Iver, The Faint, Death Cab For Cutie, Metric, Gym Class Heroes, Paramore, etc) starting in February. They also just recently worked with Motion City Soundtrack on a 7inch to be released this fall............

Tracklisting ::

01. Fight Lose Stand
02. The Empire
03. It's All In The Reflexes
04. She's Telling The Truth Or At Least She Thinks She Is
05. False Glory And Praise
06. Single-ish
07. Interlude
08. Endure and Renew
09. The Gentlemen's Duel
10. Beards Can't Hide
11. They Cry Out To Do Nothing
12. We All Have To End


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Audrey Assad - Heart 2012 English Christian Songs Download

Posted by Shalem Thursday, February 16, 2012

Audrey Assad - Heart 2012 English Christian AlbumAudrey Assad - Heart 2012 English Christian Songs Download

Heart is the latest American Christian Adult Contemporary album released by American Christian Singer, Song Writer, Contemporary Christian Music artist Audrey Assad. This album was released on February 14, 2012 and released under the label Sparrow Records.

Album Details ::

Album :: Heart

Artist :: Audrey Assad

Release Date :: February 14, 2012

Genre :: Adult Contemporary

Label :: Sparrow Records

Hometown :: New Jersey, USA

Audrey Assad - Heart 2012 american female vocalist biography and historyAudrey Assad - Heart 2012 american female vocalist biography and history
Biography ::
Audrey Assad was born in Secaucus, New Jersey to a Virginian mother and a Syrian father on July 1, 1983, and was raised in a religious Protestant household. She started to play the piano at 2 and spent her youth moving around New Jersey before settling in Scotch Plains from ages 7 to 18. She attended public school until middle school, where her experience there caused her to ask her mother to homeschool her, which she did. Assad spent her adolescence being homeschooled, working at her father's businesses, and attending church events.

When Assad was 18 her family moved to Florida and she spent the next six years there. At 19 she briefly attended college and supported herself with odd jobs while beginning her musical career, writing and composing songs for the first time. Assad spent the next five years playing at various venues performing original songs and covers. Venues ranged from restaurants, weddings and coffee shops to leading and organizing worship concerts at church. Around 2003 Assad recorded a 4-song demo with Drew Middleton, a member of the CCM band Tenth Avenue North at the time, whom Assad toured with occasionally..........

Tracklisting ::

01. Blessed Are The Ones
02. Even The Winter
03. The Way You Move
04. Sparrow
05. Breaking You
06. O My Soul
07. Won Me Over
08. No Turning Back
09. Lament
10. Wherever You Go
11. Slow
12. New Song


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Nine Lashes - World We View 2012 English Christian AlbumNine Lashes - World We View 2012 English Christian Songs Download

World We View is the latest American Christian Hard Rock album released by American Christian Hard Rock artist Nine Lashes. This album was released on February 14, 2012 and released under the label Tooth & Nail Records.

Album Details ::

Album :: World We View

Artist :: Nine Lashes

Release Date :: February 14, 2012

Genre :: Hard Rock

Label :: Tooth & Nail Records

Hometown :: Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Nine Lashes - World We View 2012 Biography and historyNine Lashes - World We View 2012 Biography and history
Biography ::
Long before Nine Lashes was signed to Tooth & Nail Records, the Alabama-reared band was cranking out raucous modern rock riffs and explosive power chords on the road throughout the region. In fact, the group scored a coveted slot at the area’s tens-of-thousands-drawing Magnolia Festival based on the strength of a demo alone, and since the promoter was immensely impressed by the guys’ incendiary set, he sent a demo to a very famous friend (unbeknownst to them).

“The funny part about that whole show was we saw the promoter leave while we were still on stage, so we literally thought he hated our set, but it turns out he left early because he had another commitment,” recalls front man Jeremy Dunn with a laugh. “He actually loved it so much that he sent some songs to Trevor McNevan [Thousand Foot Krutch, FM Static], who he’d known for awhile after they played the festival. Trevor probably wouldn’t have had time to listen to it if his appendix hadn’t ruptured and he was taking time off to recover, so we definitely feel like God had a place in orchestrating the timing of it all.”

After all the connections were firmly established, Nine Lashes found themselves in the studio alongside producer extraordinaire Aaron Sprinkle (Anberlin, The Almost, Jeremy Camp, Hawk Nelson) crafting the national debut long player World We View. Together, the team turned in a sophisticated blend of modern, alternative and indie rock, undercut by a slew of rhythmic influences, cutting edge beats and even an appearance from screamo legend Ryan Clark (of Demon Hunter fame) on “Our Darkest Day.”

“Rock has always been our musical centering, but we definitely wanted to showcase diversity on this record since we’ve matured as musicians since our demo days,” explains Dunn. “A song like ‘Our Darkest Day’ is really aggressive and features a dream collaboration with Ryan, while ‘Memo’ has a Red Hot Chili Peppers kind of vibe. We write what comes out naturally and never want to force anything. Aaron was awesome, giving us such a laid back and relaxed work environment. He created all the loops and electronic sounds on the album and we’re very happen with it!”

Indeed World We View offers a spread of sonic opulence akin to Thrice, Three Days Grace and Red that finds Nine Lashes mounds above most typical freshman acts. And it turns out the band’s lyrical revelations are equally as strong with Dunn honing in on a series of life experiences, alongside uplifting battle cries for fans to rally together towards proactivity.

“I kind of attacked each song one at a time, but they have a shared theme by default since I wrote them all close together,” he assures. “Basically no matter what your circumstances, your dream can be accomplished and your goal can be reached. Things don’t have to stay the way they are, so if you have a vision, don’t change it just because of your current circumstances.”

A perfect point of connection comes in the lead single “Anthem of the Lonely,” which already went to number one long before the album released, residing in the top spot for two weeks and the top ten for over six months! “That song is all about change, and for me, it recalls when I gave my life over to Christ,” reveals Dunn. “But it’s an anthem for anyone to know they’re not alone in whatever they’re going through and that change is always right around the corner.”

Even more engaging is the stirring “Afterglow,” which was written about the sudden passing of Adam “Tank” Jefferson and his brother Jonathan’s dad from a heart attack. Adding complication to the delicate subject was the fact that all the guys were present when the incident actually occurred. “We saw everything and it was a strange event that’s really hard to process,” adds Dunn. “It’s both an expression of that event and a tribute to their dad.”

Despite that tragedy, hope exudes the album at every turn, thanks in part to members’ unwavering commitment to Christ. In fact, the group’s very moniker references the whip used to beat Jesus (cat of nine tails), while using Isaiah 53:5 to remember the wounds He suffered for humanity’s restoration. That grounding even inspired the album title World We View, which as Dunn so eloquently describes, furthers the group’s vision for impacting its listeners with positivity and truth.

“The more we travel and meet people, the more we find a lot of people with an incorrect view of God,” he shares. “So many people think He’s an angry and vindictive God who wants to punish them for everything, but the World We View is one where we draw close to God and strive to make His point of view our point of view. When we start to see the world the way God sees it, our vision won’t be blurred anymore.”

Tracklisting ::

01. Anthem of the Lonely
02. The Intervention
03. Get Back
04. Afterglow
05. Adrenaline
06. Believe Your Eyes
07. Our Darkest Day
08. Memo
09. Write It Down
10. The Void
11. My Friend


Website | Lyrics

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Worth Dying For - Live Riot 2012 English Christian Worship AlbumWorth Dying For - Live Riot 2012 English Christian Worship Songs Download

Live Riot is the latest American Christian Live Worship Album was released by a Christian Worship Band from California, Worth Dying For through the ministry Ammunition. This album was released on February 07, 2012 and released under the label Ammunition Records and Integrity Music.

Album Details ::

Album :: Live Riot

Artist :: Worth Dying For

Release Date :: February 07, 2012

Genre :: Praise & Worship

Label :: Ammunition Records, Integrity Music

Hometown ::
Modesto, California, USA

Worth Dying For - Live Riot 2012 Biography and historyWorth Dying For - Live Riot 2012 Biography and history
Biography ::
Some bands are artistically innovative boundary breakers with an unwavering ability to cast their nets wide and attract an audience that literally spans all walks of life. Others put their focus exclusively on unabashed praise and are so anointed they can literally usher listeners into the presence of God with a single strum of a chord. And while Worth Dying For certainly fits both impressive character profiles, the California-based troupe of praise purveyors is actually something much grander in the form of an all encompassing movement spanning worship, the arts and the church as a whole.

On the musical side of the coin, Worth Dying For is currently readying the release of Live Riot, its third national long player and fitting follow-up to 2011’s Love Riot. The collection of 10 brand new songs and a few live versions of already familiar material was culled from a praise service at the Ammunition Conference, which the group hosts annually to unite worship leaders and speakers from all the world over. However, the members of this ministry team don’t just serve on stage but literally roll up their sleeves in the trenches, as evidenced in their forthcoming FEARLESS church planting efforts in Los Angeles.

“Worth Dying For is a faceless army of worshippers that’s not about certain people in a band or ministry,” explains co-founder Christy Johnson. “We really believe in investing in people and raising them up. We don’t use people to make ministry happen. We use ministry to make people happen and we love seeing when someone starts out as an intern and is later able to get up in front of people and usher thousands into the presence of God.”

Indeed, the journey of all Worth Dying For’s facets is an unconventional one, dating back to 2007’s self-released debut Ammunition and winding through 2008’s self-titled label debut on Integrity Records (which found the troupe leading worship on Creation Festival: The Tour). Come 2011, the group returned to the self-releasing route on Ammunition Records, the home of both Love Riot and Live Riot, the latter of which features original members Christy Johnson, Josh O’haire and Sean Loche, as well as new worship leaders Dalisha Turner, Deanna Joven, Nick Morris, Rochelle Leguern and Sarah Agbayani.

“What we want people to experience whenever we play or when they listen to Live Riot is not a band that wants to get up there and perform for people, but one that’s all about making His presence known,” continues Nick. “Our hunger personally is for God to resonate and I think people catch onto that. You can’t take people anywhere you haven’t been.”

Adds Sean: “Our goal is to always disappear and remove ourselves from the equation. We hear testimony after testimony about someone who wanted to end their life and get connected to God, someone who had a broken leg and was healed, or someone who had their purity restored. The last thing we want with this album is to feel like it was a concert and just a lot of fun. We want people to encounter the power of God, fall more in love with Him and change their life for the better.”

In order to help facilitate those goals, it doesn’t hurt that Worth Dying For just so happens to be a razor-sharp musical collective with some of the most intriguing sounds of any musical scene. Perhaps Christianity described it best: “Taking the adrenaline up a notch while bursting through all the worship clichés—all while remaining reverent—makes for an assertive and musically alluring album. Even with the vertical lyrics, the band would easily fit modern rock radio, switching between synth-spiked pop, power ballads and screamo.”

Although the moments of worship are deep, high-energy praise songs like “Freedom Is Rising” and “One Love” keep listeners on the edge of their seats, while modern worshippers will also be drawn in by ballads like “Risen from the Grave” and the prophetic style of “Spirit of God.” The album also includes explosive new live versions of already established fan favorites, including “Savior,” “Higher” and “Love Riot.”

"We'll go from a song that has driving guitars, loud drums, and screaming in one song to a soft, melodic, ballad in the next. You can hear our musical influences which range from As I Lay Dying, to Coldplay, to LeCrae,” continues Sean, before Christy interjects. “And sometimes there are very spontaneous moments of worship led by the Holy Spirit where a song can stretch out like nine, ten or even fifteen minutes. We’ve never captured that on a CD before until now and it’s a very powerful account of the raw passion we’re all experiencing.”

Worth Dying For also draws comparisons to other seminal modern worship collectives including Planetshakers, Jesus Culture and Hillsong United. Indeed, much of those similarities stem from their shared format of being a worship team, church community and forum planners, which is where the Ammunition Conference comes into play.

“Long story short, my husband and I started a camp to coincide with Spirit West Coast Festival six or seven years ago under a tent with music and speakers,” recalls Christy of the venture she spearheaded with her husband/pastor Jeremy Johnson. “It grew to the point where we were attracting speakers from all over the nation so we thought ‘why not have a conference in our home church in February in addition to the camp in the summer?’ Ammunition Conference started two years ago and last year it doubled in size to about 3,000 people. We wound up stopping the camp aspect to put all our efforts into Ammunition and we’re currently in the process of branching out to various locations across the nation.”

Opportunities for Worth Dying For’s unique ministry umbrella are sure to grow all the more as 2012 finds the church plant FEARLESS getting off the ground with a mission that’s just as bold as the group’s soul stirring musical expressions. "We were traveling to an event with our team to lead worship and Jeremy heard God speak to Him,” unveils Christy. “For him, although the team was loud and having fun, the sound drowned out to dead silence in his mind. At that moment, he heard God speak, 'In 5 years, you will plant a church with this worship team.' It happened that my dad is the pastor at Calvary Temple where we were serving and 5 years later, he released us and the team to go into L.A."

For the first year, the group will build a ministry team throughout L.A., then love on the city in general with the goal of salvation, in turn, creating the need for a physical church and subsequent service. From there, FEARLESS will be officially up and running with Worth Dying For leading worship alongside a full-fledged multi-media team for maximum ministry impact.......

Tracklisting ::

01. Rebuild
02. Arise
03. Never Look Back
04. Freedom Is Rising
05. One Love
06. Love Riot
07. World Can't Take It Away
08. Risen From The Grave
09. Closer
10. All I Want
11. Higher
12. Send Your Glory Down
13. Power Of Your Love
14. Spirit Of God
15. Light A Fire
16. Taking Back
17. Savior
18. Album EPK


Website | Lyrics

Audio ::

Video ::
[part1] [part2]

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Brian Courtney Wilson - So Proud 2012 English Christian Worship AlbumBrian Courtney Wilson - So Proud 2012 English Christian Worship Songs Download

So Proud is the latest American Christian Gospel Album released by American Christian Gospel and CCM Singer, Dove award winner, Brian Courtney Wilson. This album was released on February 07, 2012 and released under the label Music World Gospel.

Album Details ::

Album :: So Proud

Artist :: Brian Courtney Wilson

Release Date :: February 07, 2012

Genre :: Gospel, CCM, Worship

Label :: Music World Gospel

Hometown ::
Illinois, Chicago, USA

Brian Courtney Wilson - So Proud 2012 American Gospel Singer Biography and historyBrian Courtney Wilson - So Proud 2012 American Gospel Singer Biography and history
Biography ::
Wilson was raised in the Chicago, Illinois area. Since his childhood, Wilson began singing with the adult male chorus at the Rock of Ages Baptist Church.

After growing up, Wilson enrolled at the University of Illinois, where he also sang in the black chorus. He eventually graduated with a degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences, with an emphasis on economics. Wilson took a job as a pharmaceutical salesman, while he continued to sing on his free time.

After seven years, Wilson moved to Houston, Texas, to work for Johnson & Johnson. He started visiting Windsor Village United Methodist Church with a friend and became a born-again Christian. After some time, Wilson was invited to write music for their services, with some of his songs receiving airplay in local radio stations.

At some point, Wilson met Pastor Rudy Rasmus, who was looking for songs to pitch to friend and music entrepreneur Mathew Knowles. After listening to Wilson's song "Already Here", Knowles signed Wilson to his record label Spirit Rising/Music World.

In 2009, Wilson released his debut album titled Just Love. The album was produced by Stan Jones and features contributions by Tommy Simms. In 2010, the title song was nominated for a Dove Award for Urban Recorded Song of the Year, while Wilson himself was nominated for New Artist of the Year at the 41st GMA Dove Awards. Wilson re-released a deluxe edition of his album on October 5, accompanied by a nationwide tour through 25 cities in the United States.

Tracklisting ::

01. Right Back
02. Closer
03. Grab And Hold
04. He Still Cares
05. Keep Pressing On
06. One Day At A Time
07. Obey Anyway
08. Storm In Mind
09. Perfect
10. Unspeakable Joy
11. You Are My King
12. So Proud


Website | Lyrics

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Owl City - Live from Los Angeles 2012 English Christian Concert FilmOwl City - Live from Los Angeles 2012 English Christian Concert Film

Live from Los Angeles is the Debut American Christian Live Concert film album released by American Christian Singer, Owl City. Owl City is a musical Project by the Singer, song writer, Multi-instrumentalist Adam Young. This album was filmed on the All Things Bright and Beautiful Tour. This album was released on February 07, 2012 and released under the label Eagle Rock.

Album Details ::

Album :: Live from Los Angeles

Artist :: Owl City (Adam Young)

Release Date ::
February 07, 2012

Genre :: Concert Film

Label :: Eagle Rock

Hometown :: Owatonna, Minnesota, USA

Owl City - Live from Los Angeles 2012 concert film biography and historyOwl City - Live from Los Angeles 2012 concert film biography and history
Biography ::
Owl City is an American electronic/synthpop musical project by singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Adam Young, formed in 2007 in Owatonna, Minnesota. Young created the project while experimenting with music in his parents' basement. Like many musicians that achieved success in the era between 2005 and 2009, Owl City developed a following on the music and social networking site Myspace in the late 2000s before signing with Universal Republic in 2008.

Tracklisting ::

01. The Real World
02. Cave In

03. Hello Seattle

04. Angels
05. Swimming In Miami
06. Umbrella Beach

07. I’ll Meet You There

08. Plant Life

09. Setting Sail

10. The Bird And The Worm

11. Lonely Lullaby
12. Fireflies
13. Dreams Don’t Turn To Dust

14. Kamikaze

15. Meteor Shower

16. Galaxies

17. Alligator Sky

18. Deer In The Headlights

19. Yacht Club

20. How I Became The Sea
21. If My Heart Was A House


Website | Lyrics


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Jaci Velasquez - Diamond 2012 English Christian AlbumJaci Velasquez - Diamond 2012 English Christian Songs Download

Diamond is latest American Christian Adult Contemporary Album released by American Christian Adult Contemporary Latin Pop Singer Jacquelyn Davette Velasquez popularly known as Jaci Velasquez. This album was released on February 07, 2012 and released under the label Inpop Records.

Album Details ::

Album :: Diamond

Artist :: Jaci Velasquez

Release Date :: February 7, 2012

Genre :: Adult Contemporary

Label :: Inpop Records

Location :: Houston, TX, USA

Jaci Velasquez - Diamond 2012 latin pop singer biography and historyJaci Velasquez - Diamond 2012 latin pop singer biography and history
Biography ::
Velasquez has sold almost five million albums around the world, recorded three Platinum and three Gold albums, and recorded 16 singles that hit No. 1 plus six more that hit the top-10. She has received seven Dove Awards including Best New Artist and Female Vocalist of the Year. Velasquez has co-hosted a morning radio show since late 2010.

Velasquez released her national debut album Heavenly Place in 1996 and five of the songs on that CD became No. 1 hits (she had two previous independent records). The album was later certified Platinum. Velasquez has been distinguished as the fastest selling solo debut recording artist in her genre and the first solo artist in Christian music history to reach gold status with a debut album, prior to release of sophomore project. She has since released six English-language albums, two of which were certified Gold. She has produced sixteen No. 1 Christian radio hits and six other top-10 singles, and has won seven Dove awards, including New Artist of the Year and two Female Vocalist of the Year wins. Jaci has covered over 50 magazines as well as been a spokes-model for Pepsi, Target, Doritos, John Freida's Frizz-Ease hair products and Helzberg Diamonds.

Tracklisting ::

01. Diamond
02. Give Them Jesus
03. The Sound of Your Voice
04. Stay
05. Fall for You
06. Con El Viento A Mi Favor
07. Tell Me Again
08. Girl
09. Trust in You
10. Guilt
11. Good Morning Sunshine


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The Fray - Scars and Stories 2012 English Christian Rock AlbumThe Fray - Scars and Stories 2012 English Christian Rock Songs Download

Scars & Stories is the third pop/rock studio album released American Christian Rock band The Fray. This album was released on February 7, 2012 and released under the label Epic Records.

Album Details ::

Album :: Scars & Stories

Artist :: The Fray

Release Date :: February 7, 2012

Genre :: Pop, Rock

Label :: Epic Records

Location :: Denver, CO, USA

The Fray - Scars and Stories 2012 biography and historyThe Fray - Scars and Stories 2012 biography and history
Biography ::
Scars & Stories was recorded beginning in March 2011, and concluded in July 2011. Unlike their debut album How to Save a Life and their self-titled second album, which were both produced by Aaron Johnson and Mike Flynn, their third album was produced by Brendan O'Brien. During a performance at the Hard Rock cafe in Boston, Massachusetts, Isaac Slade stated that the album Scars & Stories was named after a B-side that did not make it onto the third record. He went on to explain that each of the band members have been through a lot of hardships, but collectively they were able to pull through.

"We've been through a lot of stuff personally, and as band we're still together, and I think we like the idea of scars you know, because they're healed you know. They are not like wounds necessarily, but they're still kind of a road map of where you been, and sometimes kinda point to where you want to go."

The album artwork was revealed on November 16, 2011; following the video premiere of the first single, Heartbeat.

The album was made available to pre-order on October 18, 2011 on the band's website. On December 20, 2011 the deluxe edition of the album became available for pre-order on iTunes, featuring 5 bonus tracks; all covers. In addition, the band made the single "The Fighter" available for download.

Writing and Recording ::
During an interview with Vevo the band revealed that they used part of the album's budget to travel and see the world before writing and recording songs for Scars and Stories. The band wrote over 70 songs, and narrowed it down to what they hoped were the [best 12 songs], most of which were heavily influenced by their travels abroad. For instance, the first single "Heartbeat" was inspired by a trip to Rwanda. Slade talked about his encounter with an expatriate women who was talking about the genocides in Rwanda. In the midst of their conversation she held his hand, and he could feel a pulse, but was unable to tell if it was his pulse or her's.

Also the song the sixth track titled "1961", personifies the Berlin Wall, as two brothers that are at odds with each other:

"We wrote that song about The Berlin Wall and the division it represented in regards to one unified city becoming two cities still under the covering of a country. They're both German, but in a sense, they were as far from each other as they could possibly be. I think that's how our relationships can be sometimes. Not to sound cliché, but we all as people build these walls that don't really come down until someone comes into our lives, tears them down, and says, "Enough!""

In addition the eight track on the album titled "Munich" follows the same mode of inspiration, as it is inspired by a particle collider in Switzerland. During an interview Slade mentions that "...they're looking for the God Particle, basically, the particle that holds it all together. That song is really just about the mystery of why we're all here and what's holding it all together, you know?"

Joe King explained "You pull from different locations and places. There’s the cultures and the different people you meet living life...You have to live life, you have to have experiences in order to be able to write stories.” Such stories served as the inspiration for the tenth track titled "48 To Go". During an interview with Jim Shearer on VH1's Big Morning Buzz Live Slade revealed that inspiration for this song came from a road trip he and his wife, Anna took (while they were just dating) from Denver, Colorado to Los Angeles. During the road trip they stopped multiple times to "make-out"; as a result they became lost and ended up 600 miles off course; as Isaac Slade put it "...[we were] two states in and forty-eight states to go".

Tracklisting ::

01. Heartbeat
02. The Fighter
03. Turn Me On
04. Run For Your Life
05. The Wind
06. 1961
07. I Can Barely Say
08. Munich
09. Here We Are
10. 48 To Go
11. Rainy Zurich
12. Be Still


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Parachute Band - Matins Vespers 2012 English Christian Hymnal and Instrumental AlbumParachute Band - Matins Vespers 2012 English Christian Hymnal and Instrumental Songs Download

Matins Vespers is the latest Christian Rock and Instrumental Praise & Worship album released by a worship band from Auckland, New Zealand, Parachute Band. This album was released on January 31, 2012 and released under the label Parachute Music & Integrity Music.

Album Details ::

Album :: Matins Vespers

Artist :: Parachute Band

Release Date :: January 31, 2012

Genre :: Praise & Worship, Instrumental

Label :: Parachute Music, Integrity Music

Location :: Auckland, New Zealand

Parachute Band - Matins Vespers 2012 English Christian Hymnal and Instrumental biography and historyParachute Band - Matins Vespers 2012 English Christian Hymnal and Instrumental biography and history
Biography ::
Parachute Band is a worship band from Auckland, New Zealand, formed out of the New Zealand-based Christian organisation Parachute Music The band makes pop/rock music and is currently in its second generation, with the current line-up regularly topping the mainstream MySpace NZ Music Charts for acts on a Major Label, and it also won the coveted People's Choice Award at the 2008 New Zealand Music Awards.

The first Parachute Band line-up was formed in 1995 to lead worship at Parachute Festival, and has since grown into a full-time endeavour. Parachute Band records New Zealand-written contemporary worship music, and performs it both in New Zealand and worldwide.

The original line-up, led by Wayne Huirua, Libby Huirua and Chris de Jong, released seven studio albums, toured extensively in the U.S., won numerous New Zealand Music Awards for Best Gospel/Christian Album, won the Gospel Music Association's International Achievement award (in the U.S.) and paved the way for what the band is today.

In 2006 the original members retired from the band and a complete generational changeover took place. This was marked by a moving ceremony at Parachute Festival 07.

The second generation Parachute Band (formerly known as Victor Rose) has released three studio albums; Roadmaps and Revelations (September 2007), Technicolor (September 2008) and Love Without Measure (February 2011). The band has toured extensively in USA, Canada, Asia, South Africa, UK, Europe, New Zealand and Australia. Highlight performances have been: Mainstage slots at Creation Festival east to 65,000 people, Mainstage at Kingdom Bound Festival in NY to 50,000 people and also being the house band for the annual Parachute Festival to 25,000 people.

This new face of Parachute Band carries a passion to influence their generation through worship music that is relevant. Five young musicians in their 20s have been passed the mantle and an exciting synergy has quickly formed to create a new guitar-driven sound.

Winners of the 2008 VNZMA Peoples Choice Awards, the band's sophomore release Technicolor was a finalist for 2009's Best Gospel/Christian Album.

Parachute Bands latest album Love Without Measure has already been in the Top Ten of many charts since its release at the Parachute Festival in February 2011. Love Without Measure shot to No. 3 in the New Zealand iTunes on its first week of release, debuted a No. 2 on the official RIANZ chart and No. 1 on the IMNZ charts.

Love Without Measure was also the first recording that the band has self-produced, and drummer/producer Sam de Jong says, “The process for this album has been one non-stop learning curve. I feel like we’ve pulled together something that reflects where we’re at.


Tracklisting ::

01. Hope Is A River
02. Keep The Fire Burning
03. Promises
04. Run To You (+ Meet You)
05. In Your Name
06. In Jesus
07. The City of the Lord
08. Hark
09. Halt
10. Consecrate
11. Linger
12. Still
13. Rallentando
14. Simmer
15. EPK (Not On Album)


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please comment if you like the post - King Kulture 2012 English Christian Rap Album Review and - King Kulture 2012 English Christian Rap Songs

King Kulture is the latest sensational Rap album done by African students in Congo this winter. Worlds most popular website in conjunction with syntax Distribution released this compilation album "King Kulture" on January 31, 2012. It is a two-year project having head tracks from Lecrae, KJ-52, GRITS, Braille and more.

Album Details ::

Album :: King Kulture

Artist :: Lecrae, KJ-52, GRITS, Braille and more

Release Date :: January 31, 2012

Genre :: Rap

Label ::, Syntax Distribution

Location :: Congo, Africa - King Kulture 2012 English Christian Rap HD picture biography and - King Kulture 2012 English Christian Rap HD picture biography and history
History ::
Christian hip hop is making a difference for African students in the Congo this winter. Premier music web site in conjunction with Syntax Distribution releases the compilation album King Kulture on January 31st. Proceeds from the album benefit Ecole de la Borne, a school in the Congo started by Christian missionaries.

The idea came about when Rapzilla founder Philip Rood and his team were looking for ways to expand the web site’s charitable reach. “We wanted to give proceeds from a project to some kind of charity in Africa,” Rood says. “It hit me that my grandparents are missionaries in the Congo. We can do something with them.”

Tracklisting ::

1. Welcome to the Kulture - George Moss (produced by Tony Stone)
2. Beautiful Thing - GRITS (produced by Mo Henderson and Michael Millionz)
3. Lift Up - Braille (produced by Theory Hazit)
4. Faith - Dezcry (produced by C-Life)
5. Get Wise - Sho Baraka (produced by Swoope)
6. Breaking Out the Box - theBREAX (produced by Jruckers)
7. It’s Going Down - Benjah featuring Watchman, and Stefanotto (produced by Benjah & Sky)
8. Drop It On Em - KJ-52 ft. Japhia Life and Kelly Kelz (produced by Tony Stone)
9. Nothing For Us - Eshon Burgundy ft. HotHandz (produced by HotHandz)
10. Fight On - Young Joshua (produced by Chrys Beats)
11. Beautiful Struggle - Yaves The Street Pastor ft. Ron Riley (produced by Cephas)
12. Don’t Leave the Dash Out - K-Drama (produced by GeeDa)
13. Stop - Jeremiah Bonds (produced by Timothy “rocdomz” Trudeau)
14. King Kulture - Beautiful Eulogy (Braille, Odd Thomas, Courtland Urbano) ft. Theory Hazit and Lee Green (produced by Courtland Urbano)
15. Bars - T-Word (produced by D-Hood)
16. New Shalom (Karac dubstep remix) - Lecrae featuring PRo


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