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The Skies Revolt - Some Kind of Cosmonaut 2012 English Christian AlbumThe Skies Revolt - Some Kind of Cosmonaut 2012 English Christian Songs Download

Some Kind of Cosmonaut is the latest American Christian Electronic Rock album released by American Christian Rock Band The Skies Revolt. This album was released on February 21, 2012 and released under the label The Skies Revolt.

Album Details ::

Album :: Some Kind of Cosmonaut

Artist :: The Skies Revolt

Release Date :: February 21, 2012

Genre :: Electronic, Rock

Label :: The Skies Revolt

Hometown :: Grand Rapids, MI, USA

The Skies Revolt - Some Kind of Cosmonaut 2012 Biography and historyThe Skies Revolt - Some Kind of Cosmonaut 2012 Biography and history
Biography ::
The (well traveled) Skies Revolt brings a quirky blend of indie music, catchy electronics and aggressive blasts of sounds that has earned them a strong, growing following, and many positive reviews. Always remaining recognizable as The Skies Revolt, but never resting on one specific sound, makes for dynamic and energetic shows.

They are currently releasing a full length album titled "Some Kind of Cosmonaut" with the music video for their first single "It's All In The Reflexes" being pushed internationally by HIP Video (Bon Iver, The Faint, Death Cab For Cutie, Metric, Gym Class Heroes, Paramore, etc) starting in February. They also just recently worked with Motion City Soundtrack on a 7inch to be released this fall............

Tracklisting ::

01. Fight Lose Stand
02. The Empire
03. It's All In The Reflexes
04. She's Telling The Truth Or At Least She Thinks She Is
05. False Glory And Praise
06. Single-ish
07. Interlude
08. Endure and Renew
09. The Gentlemen's Duel
10. Beards Can't Hide
11. They Cry Out To Do Nothing
12. We All Have To End


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