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Flatfoot 56 - Black Thorn 2010

Posted by Maddy Friday, March 26, 2010

Flatfoot 56 - Black Thorn 2010 English Christian album downloadFlatfoot 56 - Black Thorn 2010 English Christian album download
Flatfoot 56 is an Oi! punk band from Chicago, Illinois. The group's use of Scottish Highland bagpipes has led to their classification as a Celtic punk band, comparable to Dropkick Murphys or Flogging Molly.

Album Details::

Album :: Black Thorn

Artist :: Flatfoot 56

Release Date ::
March 30th, 2010

Genre :: Celtic Punk, Alternative rock

Label :: Old shoe(US), Stomp(CAN), I Hate People(EUR), Big Mouth(Japan)

Location :: Chicago, Illinois

Flatfoot 56 - Black Thorn Band members Ultra HQ wallpaperFlatfoot 56 - Black Thorn Band members Ultra HQ wallpaper
History ::

Flatfoot 56 - Black Thorn BandFlatfoot 56 - Black Thorn Band
Band Members ::
  • Tobin Bawinkel - lead vocals, guitar
  • Kyle Bawinkel - bass, vocals
  • Justin Bawinkel - drums, vocals
  • Eric McMahon - bagpipes and guitar
  • Brandon Good - mandolin and guitar
  • Adam Christensen- rhythm guitar (occasional touring guitarist since Fall of 2007)

Former Members ::

  • Josh Robieson - lead guitar, mandolin, bagpipes

Track Listing ::

1. The Escape (Intro)
2. Black Thorn
3. Born For This
4. Courage
5. Smoke Blower
6. The Hourglass
7. Shiny Eyes
8. We Grow Stronger
9. Son Of Shame
10. Stampede
11. You Won Me Over
12. Way Of The Sun
13. Hot Head

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