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muzeONE - Cold War 2011 English Christian Hip Hop Songs Download

Posted by Shalem Wednesday, January 11, 2012

muzeONE - Cold War 2011 English Christian Hip Hop AlbummuzeONE - Cold War 2011 English Christian Hip Hop Songs Download

Cold War is the latest American Christian Hip Hop Rap album released by American Christian Hip Hop Rap artist muzeONE. This album was released on May 31, 2011 and released under the label ILLECT Recordings.

Album Details ::

Album :: Cold War

Artist :: muzeONE

Release Date :: May 31, 2011

Genre :: Hip Hop, Rap

Label :: ILLECT Recordings

Location :: San Diego, CA, USA

muzeONE - Cold War 2011 Biography and historymuzeONE - Cold War 2011 Biography and history
Biography ::
*muzeONE of Scribbling Idiots. Delivering real life Hip-Hop since 1992.*

This San Diego native emcee has been perfecting the art of lyricism for over 17 years. For muzeONE, it was his father's love for funk, soul and r&b that sparked a connection to the early '90s, sample-laden style of Hip Hop. This attachment translated in to a love for the art of rhyme and a desire to participate in all aspect...s of Hip-Hop culture.
After a turbulent adolescence, muzeONE found a greater purpose for his music, inspired by the truth of the Bible. His new found faith created a shift in the message behind his lyrics, from self-praising rhetoric to words of hope, love, intelligence and beauty.
Since then, muzeONE has released several musical projects, such as the 2005 release "TruthBeautyGoodness" (as 1/2 of the group Redeemed Thought), The Proposal EP, and his latest release, "The Backburner EP", available now on iTunes. He has gain notoriety across the country as a skilled emcee, performer, public speaker and producer (releasing "The instruMENTAL Mixtape" vols. 1 & 2, a beat collection, also available on iTunes).
Now residing back in the WEST COAST (San Diego), after an 8 year stay in Philadelphia, PA, muzeONE lives with his wife and daughter, who have become a new source of creative inspiration for his music. He is currently working on his first full-length solo album entitled, "The Cold War", to be released on Illect Recordings early 2011. With his recent induction into the super-crew of talented emcees known as Scribbling Idiots, muzeONE is set to continue delivering his music and message to the world, with hopes of leaving a legacy of art that will be appreciated forever.......

Tracklisting ::

01. First Blood (Feat. Average Joe)
02. Cold War
03. Keep Listening (Feat. Young Joshua)
04. Lights On (Feat. KJ-52 & Wonder Brown)
05. Father Time
06. Loves
07. Clones
08. Literary Lyricism
09. Home Is… (Feat. JustMe & Ruslan of theBREAX)
10. News (Feat. J.A.Z. & Sev Statik)
11. More 2 Say
12. A Mother’s Grief (Feat. J-Wisdom)
13. A Grief Observed
14. Understand


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