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Queens club - NightmarerQueens club - Nightmarer
Sometimes albums are hyped for so long that by the time it comes out I know way too much about every little detail the band, the music and every little step along the way. Queens Club, however, seems to have come out of nowhere to release their label debut ep. Sure, a couple of the band members are from a well known band (The Chariot), but that tells me nothing about this band, considering the switch from metalcore to this Jonezetta style of 80’s dance stylized indie pop will probably leave a lot of people with that glazed over look in their eyes like they just saw the abominable snowman in their backyard.

I don’t know if their is a reviewer out there that loves trying to write out a full review on something that is less than a full album, but at least it isn’t a big secret as to how to describe the band. When you discover that they are about to go on the latest Dance Rawr Dance Tour and hear a few tunes it leads to a simple head nod, as it sounds just about right. Queens Club is accessible, but far from bubble gum pop, preferring to get the listener to do a little shake and get in the mood for some dancing, with a heavy dose of synths without losing the ability to rock. Sure, this has been done, maybe even better, but it is hard to say that it isn’t quite a bit enjoyable from beginning to end.

Album :: Nightmarer EP

Artist :: Queens Club

Release Date :: September 29
, 2009

Genre :: Rock/Alternative

Hometown :: Kansas City

Label :: Tooth and Nail Records

Queens club - NightmarerThe Queens club band - Jake Ryan (drums, programming), Dan Eaton (vocals, guitar), Andy Nichols (Guitar, programming, vocals), Tyler Bottles (Bass)

::Band Members::

  1. Nightmarer
  2. Dust
  3. Family Ties
  4. Greinke
  5. Uh Huh
  6. Nightmarer – Max Justus Remix










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